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Parent-Teacher Unity (PTU)

Fountain Valley Montessori PTU was founded by a Fountain Valley Montessori parent. Through volunteering in the classrooms, this loyal parent expressed a keen interest in increasing volunteer participation amongst the parents of our school. The intention and goals of this unity is to provide positive support to the staff, which in turn, will benefit our children and school.

Fountain Valley Montessori PTU is organized similar to the Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) which is found in public schools nation wide. Fountain Valley PTU is an independent group designed for our own Fountain Valley parents and is not part of the public school PTA. Therefore, our group is not bound to the national guide lines set forth in the public school PTA’s.

Fountain Valley Montessori PTU meetings will be held once a month and any parent is welcome to join the meetings. Each classroom will be sponsored by one Fountain Valley Montessori PTU representative and one assistant who will be designated at the first meeting.

Some of the following duties may include:

  • Organizing potlucks
  • Organizing classroom parties
  • Community Outreach
  • Classroom “Adopt a Family”
  • Annual Carnival
  • Annual Food/Toy Drives
  • Fundraisers
  • Organizing Parent Education Nights-Specific Topic