Fountain Valley Montessori Staff

Each of our classrooms are staffed with a Montessori certified lead teacher. Our staff has been carefully chosen for his or her commitment to the highest level of care for children, understanding of the Montessori philosophy, and warmth of spirit. We share a common philosophy and approach, which makes Fountain Valley Montessori consistently able to deliver the highest level of commitment and quality care for the community of children.

Our mission at Montessori of Fountain Valley Montessori is to create an environment where academic excellence is in harmony with young lives. We strive each and every day to guide children to reach their full potential; academically, socially and emotionally. The self-sufficient child rewards their community and mentors by becoming positive and active role models in their community.  Our goal is to not only educate our children but to educate our children’s children in the future.

Toddler Staff

Britney Jeshcke, Toddler Assistant

Britney Jeshcke

Lead Teacher

Nicole Claypool

Assistant Teacher

Josie De Chavez, Preschool Assistant Teacher, Room 2

Alicia Lenhart

Assistant Teacher

Preschool Staff

Lindsay Ayala, Elementary Co-teacher, Room 1

Lindsay Ayala

Lead Teacher

Jahaira Bustos, Preschool Assistant Teacher, Room 5

Jahaira Bustos

Lead Teacher

Gloria De Silva, Lead Preschool Teacher, Room 5

Gloria De Silva

Lead Teacher

 Christine Pike, Preschool Assistant Teacher, Room 3

Christine Pike

Lead Teacher

Rasika Wijayaweera, Lead Preschool Teacher, Room 6

Rasika Wijayaweera

Lead Teacher

Josie De Chavez, Preschool Assistant Teacher, Room 2

Josie De Chavez

Assistant Teacher

Josie De Chavez, Preschool Assistant Teacher, Room 2

Marian Fahim

Assistant Teacher

Melinda Smith

Assistant Teacher

Beatriz Tapia, Preschool Assistant Teacher, Room 6

Beatriz Tapia

Assistant Teacher

Elementary Staff

Paula LeRose, Elementary Lead Teacher, Room 1

Paula LeRose

Lead Teacher

Neranja Warawitage, Elementary Lead Teacher, Room 4

Neranja Warawitage

Lead Teacher

Nikki Khan, Toddler Assistant Room 7

Yasmin Celis-Islas

Assistant Teacher


Lisa Norby, Executive Director

Lisa Greyson Norby

 Executive Director

Sneha Mehta, Director

Sneha Mehta


Ashley Cader, Director of Admissions

Ashley Cader

Director of Admissions

Sara Turner, Office Assistant

Sara Turner

Office Assistant

Lisa Norby, Executive Director

Hayden Caves

Substitute Teacher

Inquire About Admission

Fountain Valley Montessori welcomes you to visit our school during its operating hours. We encourage you to call ahead to schedule your tour, to ensure availability, to discuss our programs, as well as answer any questions you may have.