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Preschool Curriculum

Practical Life – A child is naturally attracted to activities that give him or her independence. Children seek autonomy and control of their lives. Practice with pouring, carrying, serving, tying, sweeping, and washing are a few examples of exercises that help the young child to coordinate his movement and establish order and good working habits. Practical Life exercises also help develop a longer attention span, deeper concentration, and precision. Because lessons are presented in a left to right and top to bottom manner, they provide an indirect preparation for reading. Advanced exercises include cooking, weaving, crochet, sewing, and woodworking.

Sensorial – The Sensorial materials help the child to develop order and clarity in thinking. They include activities to aid the child to classify, discriminate, and to compare and contrast size, weight, shape, texture, color, taste, sound, and smell. Most Sensorial materials are mathematically based and provide opportunities for movement and intellectual challenges. Additionally, they introduce a rich vocabulary to the children.

Language – The Language activities explore the sound/symbol relationship through the use of objects, movable alphabet letters, and reading cards. Skills gained in Practical Life and Sensorial work help prepare the child for reading, writing, and grammar. Language is taught phonetically and multi-sensorially – with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities. Quality children’s literature is presented daily. Our school library helps to promote a love of reading.

Mathematics – Hands-on materials include exercises in quantity, symbols, place value, and relationships between quantities. Because the work progresses from concrete to abstract using manipulative materials, children easily grasp mathematical concepts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry. The exercises not only teach the child to calculate, but they provide a deep understanding of place value and how numbers function.

Science/Geography – These activities are designed to help the child become aware of and appreciate the diversity of the world. By examining the human, plant and animal world, the child gains exposure to the life that surrounds him or her. The child is taught a respect for taking care of his or her environment. Continent and county studies introduce the child to people, geography, music, food, and art.

Extra Curricular – Our curriculum is far reaching and is often triggered by the children’s interest. As the class gets excited about an idea, our teachers bring in materials, music, food, speakers, and lessons. Children also have weekly foreign language instruction. Students may also elect to enroll in special classes after school hours including: music, dance, sports, gymnastics and science.