Hot Lunch Program

As a parent, the owner of Cater Tots Too understands the importance of providing healthy and simple options for kids. For parents and education staff alike, the idea of providing a healthy meal may seem like an unreachable goal at times. But we’re here to help.

Although we are a full-service caterer, we choose to focus our knowledge and expertise on children. We began servicing preschools and private and parochial schools in Orange County in 2001 and through the grace of client referrals, we quickly expanded to Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties.

The goal of providing nutritious meals for kids requires a group effort between the family, the school, and Cater Tots. Good nutrition is only part of living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to providing the meals, we also have resources available such as organizations providing free materials for educators, websites with information and educational games for kids, suggested reading for families including recipes, and much more.

After feeding several million children, Cater Tots Too has learned that with team work anything is possible. Whether we’re working with faculty setting menu choices, families dealing with food allergies, or just the day-to-day routine of providing healthy meals, it takes a team of passionate professionals to make a successful program.


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