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Fountain Valley Montessori was recommended by friends and we are so happy we took their advice.  The dedicated Fountain Valley team embraces a true Montessori vision.  Our son has thrived in the caring and structured environment while still allowing him to develop at his own pace.  With smaller class sizes and multiple teachers per classroom, we are confident that he is receiving plenty of direction.  As he has progressed through the preschool and elementary programs, we have been very pleased to see him mature through peer learning with children of varying ages. Where at first he learned from older children, he is now reinforcing that knowledge by teaching younger ones. We are always proud to see his artwork, highlighting a particular artist or style, lining the hallways as we walk through the school.  At home he is more responsible, independent, cleans up after himself, and volunteers to help around the house.

Thank you FV Montessori for the care and education you continue to provide our child.

Robert and Jennifer Hays

My twins have been attending FVM for the past 8 months. My husband and I have noticed such a significant, positive change in every aspect of their development. They are eager and excited to go to school every day and this can be attributed to the warm, attentive, and nurturing staff members.  Most importantly, I feel that my children are in a very safe and clean environment. FVM has made my children’s first experience in school a very positive and rewarding one!

Veronica and Rocky Bandzeladze

Montessori Fountain Valley is a perfect school for all children, including children with special needs. Montessori teaching methods have helped our son (with special needs) grow, develop in critical thinking, and independent. Our son is able to achieve success in school and social behavior.

Tri Nguyen

My husband and I absolutely love Fountain Valley Montessori!  I send my 4 year old son to school every day knowing that he is not only safe, loved, and cared for, but also challenged and encouraged to be independent. Since the beginning of the school year, he has made incredible growth academically, socially, and behaviorally.  The teachers and staff are wonderful.  They help parents in any way and are always warm and supportive.  Sending your child to school for the first time is such an important milestone for parents and filled with many emotions. I’m beyond grateful to have found FVM and know that my son’s first school experience is such a positive one.  This is a special school and a great place for children to develop academic, social, and personal skills.

Mrs. Melanie Mathovich

Principal, Marshall Elementary School

Fountain Valley Montessori Center is such a great school for our twins. I really like the fact that they consider the whole life aspect of our children, not just academics. I want them to be good people, not just good students. The teachers reinforce respect and good manners in the classroom which I have seen translated to other social settings outside of school.

Son Nguyen

We are so thankful for Fountain Valley Montessori.  Each day we are welcomed with a smile, the office staff is friendly, and always ready to help us any way they can.  All the teachers are warm, encouraging, and truly value each individual child.  The classrooms are colorful, filled with student work and provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows the students to flourish. My daughter has been attending FVMS for the last six months, and she is thriving.  She has gained confidence, independence, grown academically, as well as socially.  She is excited to go to school each day and loves sharing what she learned.