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Our Vision and Mission



Fountain Valley Montessori views early education as a crucial step in fostering a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. We see children as valuable and competent individuals who have a voice. They are innately curious, imaginative, and impressionable. The teacher’s role is to be a careful and thoughtful observer, guiding students to reach their full potential. Children are given individualized lessons, with the freedom to choose materials that they have been shown. This allows the child to participate in their academic growth.They will do amazing things if we give them the freedom to be themselves.



At Fountain Valley Montessori our mission is to empower children to confidently embark on an endless quest for knowledge. Our individualized curriculum cultivates intellectual, social, emotional, and creative growth. Through the process of guided exploration, children authentically develop an array of academic, problem solving, and social skills. We strive to establish a strong foundation upon which children can build lifelong success.